League of Legends Black Wings/ LoL Clans redo/ Content update- CROW Esports News 3/14/16

Mon 14th Mar 2016 - 1:14pm Youtube WorldGaming Twitch NoScope LoLDuo League of Legends General Gaming G2A CROW LoL Clan CROW Esports

Hola everyone! CokitaSC happy to bring your weekly news for March 14th. This week was a very progressive week similar to last one but still with not as much drama or interesting stories. We have begun working on building our first League of Legends team, BlackWings. The team has been getting a lot of hype especially because we have been finding the perfect way to get a group of players. Although the process was a bit messy, the team looks really stable. CROW Esports LoL Clan had a small and humble beggining but is going through a redo, and making sure that the purpose of the clan is clear to everyone. This will be done this week while we are postponing content that we arent really creating anyway for reasons we will explain later on. 

League of Legends BlackWings so far consists of former sub from the original CROW LoL team jungler Get a Pen, Mid laner qara, Former sub ADC for FERAL Gaming Lowcoh, Support Furuie, and coach The JYK. We are looking to find a top laner. We are currently waiting for some applicants to answer some questions before we decide on who sticks with the role. Subs will be very few but we are still looking to implement a system that makes it so that players are constantly being recylced in and out to keep good talent but also to push in new talent. We are also looking to create a second team soon but this team will not be entering the IML. The players will be all pulled from the clan so if you are a player looking for a team, a coach looking to improve yourself or be better known, we are accepting everyone currently for the clan.

Speaking of the League of Legends clan, this week we will be redoing the clan. Players will still be on the team as well as our new promoter, Diamante77D, and any other clanmember who are currently making content. We are hoping to flush out the people who didn't understand the purpose of the clan from the beggining. Everyone has to be able to help the clan somehow and on the flip side, we will help you in any way we can according to what you want to improve on as a player, coach, or even things like promoting or making content such as streaming or making videos or blogs. CROW LoL Clan is meant to be full of clanmates who are motivated. 

This leads to the week we are not posting content. Now of course you might all say, "Well you never started from the begging anyway", which is true. The reason behind that is becasue I was in charge of making videos, promoting the videos and news, creating them, etc. It was too much and still to manage the LoL Clan and make sure that everything under the brand was running well, was just a bit too much for a high school senior. This week content will be distributed evenly and power will also be distributed evenly as well. This week we are going to get up on our feet and pick everything back up so that we can get back on track. 

That will be it for this weeks news, like I said it was going to be short. I will see you all next week when we are finally able to provide you all with content and meet a schedule as well as start getting all teams and players more hype. Anyway, thanks for staying with us so far and for those who just discovered us stay tuned becasue we are just taking off! GO CROW!



Oscar Saucedo

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