League of Legends Team Conflict?/ Update on WoW team/ WintersRedFlame partnered with CROW Esports!- CROW Esports News 2/15/16

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Hello Everyone and Happy Valentines Day! I'm CokitaSC and I will once again bring you guys your news for February 14th. This week, given ceratin circumstances, deep issues that the team had not opened up surfaced and were discussed with the team. We worked to fix the problem and with the new change in practice we are looking to fix every single issue and move forward. The Word of Warcraft Team has slowly been fixing their issue with the team not being fully a part of CROW Esports. Baby steps but still walking forward. In some more open news, the not so widely known but still comedic and entertaining youtuber, WintersRedFlame has officially been partnered with CROW Esports. He will have his own spoghtlight on Friday!


On Wednesday the players were ready to get into another practice. The coaching staff however, were not. Coach Josh had already said he couldnt be on that day which is completely fine because coaches are not required to be at ever single practice meeting. The manager/ coach/ owner of CROW (Me .-.), was not able to make it because of some last minute plans. In the end the team was left by themselves to find out what they were going to do. That same day, a player messaged me personally to say that the team synergy was terrible, not only between specific players, but the team as a whole as well. That same night, I proceeded to ask every player what their opinions of every single player was. I was suprised to hear that what I read coincided directly to what the player had told me. On Friday a serious meeting was held to discuss all the issues. All the players revealed what they had said to me directly. The players were given time to discuss and afterwards, expectations were set and were defined and described in more detail. Starting Monday the team will practice more efficiently and will work on other issues discussed that same say. 

A quick update on the team roster, (May still undergo changes), Top: BestIntentions, Jungle: bubadush/GetAPen (Sub), Mid:TagurPregnant, ADC: Catlife, Support: sirspitfire. Main changes are that GetAPen's position is more specific where as before it might have been confusing. Also our new midlaner has replaced theSummoningnoo who left for his own reasons. This is the team that we currently have in this current rotation. We are still looking to join another tournament before the mobafire tournament. Stay tuned!


The WoW team is currently in the process of getting their players officially joined in. After a small meeting with the WoW Manager, Zack "Arathor" Buckner, the issues were brought out to the light. Zack assured that he would get the players to make an Account on our website. Players have begun to do so and some have started their bios. Still team has not given their specific schedule nor have they been giving updates of the team. The road is still pretty messy but we have taken steps forward. Soon we will anounce the team players and staff for their first roation. Dont miss our news if you want to hear more about the team's status!


WintersRedFlame is a small youtuber that made gaming videos specifically playing games such as Skyrim, Super Mario Bros. U and some other games he comes across. He stopped for a while because of school but is now coming back and better than ever to bring you the best form of entertainment possible. He will be featured occasionally and will be at meetings and helping around with CROW Esports as him and I are friends from school. We will post one of his videos on Friday and get him a spotlight on out channel. Check him out! 


That will be it for this weeks news! The video will be a few hours late but will be coming soon alongside this video. Be sure to check like our FaceBook page, Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow us on Twitter! GO CROW!



Oscar Saucedo

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