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Hello everyone! Its CokitaSC and today I bring you your weekly news for February 8th. This week the League of Legends team finally began practicing with the help of the coaching staff as well. Although they have finally started, that did not change the fact that their are still changes that are currently happening as we speak and when those changes will be finalized is another question that cannot be answered yet. Before we dive in to the main dish, we will give you all a small appetizer. First we would like to anounce our official Promoter, Daniel Crane. His job is simply to promote our posts through social media as well as other things that invlove promoting CROW. This is a great step forward as we are looking to get more staff as we grow. Speaking of Growth, we are officially sponsored by LoLDuo. If you use our code; CROWE, you will get a 5% discount on your next coaching session. 


The League of Legends team has officially been created and has been practicing alongside the coaching staff who are helping them improve. The roster that was chosen on wednesday was: Top: Best Intentions, Jungle: bubadush & GetAPen, Mid: theSummoningnoo, ADC: Catlife, Support: Sirspitfire, and coaches: Kevin "Identical" Luo and our new coach Josh Lapuz, who has had experience with traditional sports coaching for a little league soccer team and currently in the Coaching Network's Certification Program. Although this is the team we have been working with, we are currently still undergoing changes. One is our mid laner, theSummoningnoo, who has had problem with his laptop which affects when he can play and how well he can play. For that reason we are looking for a new midlaner. theSummoningnoo's position on the team is still being debated. Another big change is our oldest coach, Kevin a.k.a Identical. He has stated that his attitude towards the team has changed and that he doesnt think he will be a good coach for CROW. His position is still being debated as he is still willing to do one-on-one sessions with the players and occasionally provide help. These player decisions will be cleared up this week. Another reason to stay tuned to our weekly news ;D. 

The team is also preparing for our first tournament. The tournement will be the monthly MobaFire tournament for this month. It will be February 21st. We are planning on entering some other tournaments but this is one that we are preparing specifically for because it will help us gain recognition from teams that have been playing in those tournements for a long time. It will also show us the level of our team. Look forward to it!

This week the LoL team will find a new midlaner for the starting roster and will continue to practice not only for the MobaFire tournament, but to improve overall. We will look to be entering small tournements to prepare the players in a tournement enviroment and to see how strong our current roster is and how we can improve it. Stay tuned to see what tournement we will be joining.


The World of Warcraft team is still in the same situation as last week. There are players who have yet to update their profiles or even make them. A staff meeting we will hold this week will solve this issue. We do need to formaly present our team with players, subs and just the team in general. Although we know the WoW team won't have as much news as the League of Legends team for reasons stated in the last issue, they still need to recieve recognition and need to show that they are working just as hard as the LoL team. Hopefully next week we can finally present everyone with the full roster. Untill then we shall wait.


That is it for this week's news. We also ask everyone to forgive us for not having the video version but there were complications and we couldnt make the video. Next week we will have a video version of the news just for you guys. Until then, Have a good week! GO CROW!



Oscar Saucedo

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