League of Legends Tryouts and 10 Man roster canceled?/ Future of LoL team/ World of Warcraft team-CROW Esports News 2/1/16

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Hello everyone, it's CokitaSC and I'm going to bring your weekly news for February 1st. Today its has been anounced that long awaited tryouts for CROW Esports has unfortunately been canceled and that instead LoL coaches would be handpicking players. That also raises another question. Who exactly are the coaches? Also, WE HAVE A WOW TEAM?


So why have the LoL tryouts been canceled? Well there are many reasons why the tryouts were cancelled. First of all, it was just too time consuming. If you look back to see the original post/ scripted video, (please don't watch that...) you can see that the process of tryouts was going to go really slow. It would have taken an extremely long month and a half to finish tryouts. That was going to be cut by having multiple tryouts of differant roles in the same day. Even if we could have changed it, there still lies the issue that there were simply not enough applicants. That was our mistake for having had "tryout applications" so early in the pre-season. It was a huge mess with people misunderstanding applicants getting lost and so many more problems. Lastly, the new que messed so many players up. Many were placed in a lower elo. Even after the delay not many people had climbed back. 

So now that tryouts are not happening, is there no more LoL team for CROW? Of course there is! When CROW Esports started I had the ambition of starting strong but like I stated before the process got extremely confusing. So much time was wasted. It was a complete failure. It does not mean there is no chance of starting again. CROW Esports will have a League of Legends team. The process has definately been changed. It is a bit less effective for bulding a superstar team but there will be enough "changes" to the team throughout the rotation to keep the team decent. We will include the next tryout sytem starting next rotation, which is where we kick all players and have tryouts for the team again. The new process consists of coaches and myself handpicking players we think are good and getting together and discussing who will provide the best results for the team. The team will consist of five players for the starting roster and two substitute players. 10-man team will be implemented next roster. We want to get the team going as fast as possible. This whole issue raises the question though. Who are the coaches?


The coaching staff for LoL has been changing over the past 2 weeks. The first Coach he we formally anounced was of course Identical, formaly known as Easyyy. He is a coach who has had experience with ranked 5s teams and has spent a lot of time doing solo sessions on After the idea of the 10-man team arised, we decided that we were going to need more help. So we found two other coaches. One seemed very experienced. Unfortunately he left because of increased work in his personal life. The second was a young coach that started coaching solo sessions, similar to Identical but more inexperienced at first site. He left after he decided that his schedule collided too much with ours. We also picked up a new coach however. He hasnt been anounced but he looks to be very experienced and very motivated. Tibs is motivated to be a great if not the best coach in the amateur and evetually the pro scene. He has had experience with ranked 5s including a collegiate team. This is the coaching staff that will lead rotation one for the CROW Esports LoL team. We will push hard to make sure our LoL team reaches its highes potential.


So, how come we have a World of Warcraft team banner? That might be because we have a WoW team. Many people may seem suprized and it is understandable. The WoW team hasn't recieved any official anouncements. Why? Well the story is that the current WoW manager and founder of the team, Zack "Arathor" Buckner has been playing with the team for a while but hasnt yet had his team fully joined into CROW Esports yet. One player still needs to add himself, they are in need of a sub and one of the players needs to update his bio on his account. They also havent done a few important steps for them to fully be apart of CROW Esports despite them having played for a while. Another factor is that there arent many amateur NA WoW tournaments out there. The only real thing they have to do is keep imroving as a team and grinding the ranked ladder. Now just because they haven't gotten as much attention does not mean they arent part of the family. They are just as part of the CROW as the LoL team is. They will be working in the shade, grinding slowly to success. 


Well that is it for this week's CROW Esport News. Stay updated for more news and content and tune into next week's news will be having a video just in case you like listening to your news. GO CROW!



Oscar Saucedo

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