Looking for a General Manager!

Sat 2nd Jan 2016 - 1:59am Youtube Twitch General Gaming Esports

Managing a brand not only takes a lot of work, it also takes away a lot of time. Me being a High School Senior, time isn't something I can easily make. I try to incorporate a lot of my time into CROW including starting my own stream and youtube channel just to get CROW going. The reality is that before being the Owner of CROW, I am a High School student. My personal relationships are starting to cut and my school work is slowly starting to fluctuate. It wasnt as much of a problem in my old team but when you aim for a goal as big as what I want for CROW Esports, you need time. 

My ideology behind CROW Esports is that everyone in CROW, wither you are a staff member, coach, or player, are always motivated and have bigger goals than the average player. The idea I want to show everyone is that you should always aim to be the best no matter how much work or time you have to put in to acomplish whatever goal you may have. The CROW General Manager must be committed and must truthfully believe that CROW Esports can grow and reach the level of the top esports brands of the world. He/she should feel free to express his own ideas to bring CROW up. No amount of work will stop him/her from acomplishing CROW Esports goal. 

The duties of the CROW Esports General manager would be to moniter the differant teams and managing some of the community. Most of the work will be done by me or will be split so that me and the GM can acomplish a task faster. As mentioned before, the GM would be able to express his own ideas and put work in where he/she thinks the brand needs to grow. Some small things would be managing the CROW Esports website and social media including out FB page, Youtube channel, etc. 

If you are interested in applying for the position Email me at or FaceBook

I look forward to meeting new dedicated people and applicants. The question is not if we can make a great brand but how long will it take.





Oscar Saucedo

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