CROW Clan Open/ Imperial Minor League?/ Fundraiser Soon!- CROW Esports News 3/7/16

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Hello everyone! CokitaSC once again to bring you your news for March 7th. This week was a good week for the League of Legends Clan. For one the clan is officially open to those who which to progress as players, coaches, managers, streamers, youtubers, or content creators in general. We accept everyone in the hopes that all clan members work to imrove in what they want to work on. It is a progresive clan and we wish to keep the enviroment for everyone. We are looking to see how the clan works out and see how we can improve it before we can try it out on other esports. Whilst building a team for the clan, one of our clanmates bumped into the Imperial Championship Series which is a great amateur league for teams that are starting up. We look to compete in their Imperial Minor League to then qualify for the ICS which offers $400 of prize money for the top 4 teams. Its is something to look forward too as a viewer and a player of CROW Esports. We are also looking to host a fundraiser to help CROW out with paying for shirts, fee for the IML and to upgrade the website. 


This week CROW Esports opened up for everyone and we are now 20+ strong even though the team section needs updating. One small setback is that we were not correctly prepared for the club as in having a manager, setting leaderboards, getting the rules down to everyone, and many other things we didnt make clear. We will be looking to make everything clear with a video that will hopefully clear things up. This viedo will be released on Wednesday. We are building a team for CROW Esports that consists of 5 players and at the very least 2 subs, a coach, and if possible an analyst. If you wish to help out with the team in any way feel free to contact me anytime. There is not much to write this week but we will try to keep you posted on any changes going on with the clan or teams. 

CROW Esports will hold a fundraiser for many reasons such as paying the fee for the IML, shirts for the Pokemon team as well as paid transportation if needed, upgrading website, touching up logo, etc. We are looking to make a raffle that will be open to everyone. If anyone has any ideas or preferences of what the raffle should be for, please comment or message me directly. What we do know is going to happen is that we will have raffle tickets and you will be given a number. After a certain amount of time has passed no more raffle tickets will be sold and we will do a live draw on stream. Like I mentioned, if you have any questions or recomendations, please contact me, (info in About page on our website).

That will be all this week. Although it was a good week there isnt much that needs to be covered. We are looking to expand to more esports soon such as Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm and maybe MLG Tetris kappa. Anyway, forgive me for the boring ending and maybe a bland article overall but I promise next week will be better as we will have made the team by then and will have to anounce the players, coaches, clan member spoghtlight and maybe we will hear from the WoW team. Until next week, GO CROW!



Oscar Saucedo

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