Drama in LoL team leading to departure of players/CROW Clans update/WintersRedFlame issues?- CROW Esports News 2/22/16

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What is good everyone! CokitaSC here again here to bring you your news for February 21st. This week was unfortunately one of our worst weeks in the short history of CROW Esports. To start off, conflict from the LoL team was not entirely buried last time we held the meeting. Conflict between botlane ultimately split the cracks wide enough for everyone to leave their seperate ways. I did find out what my mistakes as a owner were. After some thought, I realized that it is the perfect time to bring out my old project I shoved aside, CROW Clans. This week was also supposed to be the debut of WintersRedFlame with CROW Esports. The spotlight was meant to be his signature in our channel. For some reason he was in the ER (Emergency Room). I decided to postpone his spotlight. 


On the LoL team's last practice before the MobaFire tournament, the team experienced some drama between the botlane. The drama was due to support player, sirspitfire, to go on a rant against former ADC, CatIfe. The rant quickly became a conflict which escalated in terms of insults made by each player. Initially I did not beleive it to be as serious as I was in the call myself. I told the team we would forget about the tournament and just focus on the issue on Monday so the players could cool off and we could speak about the issue as a whole team. Instead sirspitfire said he would leave which lead to the former Jungle and Mid laner to leave as well. Top lane later made it clear that he would leave the team as well saying that the main issue was not having a platinum or daimond player as coach because of the fact that I would not be taken seriously. A point which I partially agreed on but I accepted as a fault in the team. Some players mentioned they were going to start their own team taking a few players from the roster. Personally as the owner I only take this loss as an experience and lesson learned. I wish the team luck in whataver they do in the future.

This same loss made me thing of what the future of the LoL team would be. I quickly thought about what we were originally going to do with the League of Legends team tryouts in the beggining. Having a 10-man team on one roster and having CROW Clans LoL team on the other. Reason being is that The 10-man roster would be treated more proffesionally, having specific requirements and taking the game more seriously whereas Clans would be open to a more bigger group so that the team would be open the the community. Currently I am going to incorporate both styles into one. I cannot garuntee anything yet, however I will say that we are looking to have not one, but two 10-man rosters with their own coaching staff each. Both will be different levels, one being the higher level and the other being the lower sister team. The whole idea of having a sister team is to improve as a family, which is where the clan aspect comes in. We will also have 2 other sections. The 1v1 team and the LoL staff. As the name already gave it away, the 1v1 team will be for players who are specifically going to compete in 1v1 tournaments. The LoL staff is where clan members will be able to rise to the ranks and eventually have the oppertunity to be a part of CROW Esports as a whole by helping in positions such as manager, coaching, promoting, creating content and many other things. CROW Clans is an oppertunity for everyone and is not limited to anyone. Any person that plays League of Legends is able to join. Plain and simple! Like I stated this is still a project I will be working on but I am sure it will lead to success! 

As many already know, on Friday, CROW Esports entertainer WintersRedFlame was scheduled to have one of his videos uploaded on the CROW Esports Youtube Channel. That same day he mentioned being in the ER. I told him it was fine and that we could postpone the video for another day. He hasn't responded to any of the texts I have sent. That is the most I can say which is pretty much everything I know with all honesty. I will try to keep you all updated this week about the situation but until then we will have to wait.

Before we leave, I'd like to apolagize to the few followers for not uploading content on our website or Youtube channel. We will try to stack up on content this week,(including the video news), and have content ready for next week. Thank you for the few followers we may have and I will see you on next weeks news! GO CROW!



Oscar Saucedo

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