3 Razer Programs That Can Improve Your Game!

Thu 24th Dec 2015 - 12:59am General Gaming Esports

Razer has many good peripherals and systems that have proven to be good proven by the fact that many Pro's are currently using them and are having great success. But it is not always those things that affect your gameplay. To win you need to have good surround sound, very smooth gameplay and of course need to have communication with your teammates. Razer has software for all of those things.

Razer Comms

Looking for somewhere to communicate with your team? Well look no further. Razer Comms is a platform that provides crystal clear communication. With its comprehensive features, it allows for clear sound no matter what mic you may be using. You may share screenshots or custom maps to a partner or team very easily. Download here!

Razer Surround

There are always situations where it is vital to be able to hear where exactly that shot came from or what footsteps or bush rustles. Razer Sound uses state-of-the-art technology to provide an extremely acurate enviroment to help you be aware always in game. Download here!

Razer Game Booster

Want to end the lag or just want to keep the game steady enough in fps for you to concentrate and make that incredible play? Razer's Game booster fixes all that by killing useless programs to improve fps and ping and give you the ability to improve the graphics for a clear and give you visually apealing gameplay. Not enough? How about an easy screenshot and video capture feature as well as a fps counter to keep track of your FPS. Download here!

All these programs will help you step up your game individually. Add them together and you have an unfair advantage over any opponent. Razer is continuing to provide gamers with a really great products to get to the next level of competitive gaming. Add Razer to your arsonal and you will be unstoppable!



Oscar Saucedo

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