CROW Clan?

Sun 10th Jan 2016 - 5:41am CROW Esports DOTA 2 Esports Gaming General Hearthstone League of Legends StarCraft2 Twitch Youtube

The word clan is very familiar amongst gamers of different games and genres. In the gaming community, a clan is usually a team and/or a community centered around a group of people. Outside of gaming, It signifies family, wether by bloodline or by friendships. We want the CROW Esports Community to feel close to eachother. Such that player and fan have a closer relationship. One where fans can get a chance to climb up the ranks and get the chance to even be a part of our staff or team. We are hoping CROW Esports Clans will do just that. CROW Esports will be open to anybody that wishes to apart of our clan.

There will be 8 ranks including 4 Special rank titles earned for being part of the team. Ranks consist (in order), Egg, Hatchling, Fluffball, CROW, CROW Member, CROW Elder, CROW Leader, CROW Legend. It will run on a point system. We will be using CPoints to count up your points and to be shown on the leaderboards. Specific points and earnings will be given out in the next update. What other reason is there to be a part of the CROW Esports Clan system you may ask. There are plenty of reasons why you should be apart of the clan system other than showing off to friends. Like we said earlier you will have the oppertunity to rise through all the ranks and even become apart of our staff to help grow CROW Esports's infrastructure. After reaching CROW rank, you will become a content creator on our website so you can write content on our wesbite. You can be featured on our spotlights and be given shoutouts. We can also be able to give you discounts on razer products. Earning CPoints is fairly easy. You can earn them for liking our FB page, YT videos, sharing our posts, etc. Very simple and easy. 

We will keep everyone posted with the project. Untill then await for our teams to start playing. Untill next update!




Oscar Saucedo

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